4900 NW Front Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97210-1104


Office: 503-228-8850
Toll-Free: 888-228-8850
Dispatch: 503-228-8847
Fax: 503-274-7098

Steve Shaver

Katie Gilbertson
Vice President Administration

Peter Karneus
Vice President Ship Assist Sales

John Cheek
Manager, Sales and Marketing

Bo McCall
Director of Business Development

Samantha Shaver
Vice President Marketing

Rob Rich
Vice President Marine Services

Heather Stebbings
Marine Services & Government Liaison

Phil Trochim
Manager, Grain Division

Dennis Malloy
Vice President Engineering & Maintenance

Brad Korpela
Port Captain

Eric Sigfridson
Port Captain

Rafael Caballero
Purchasing Manager

Rickie Shaver
Purchasing Assistant

Cameron Heston
HR Director

Donna Flatner
Accounts Receivable / Billing

Calonie Royse
Payroll / Accounts Payable

Jon Hellberg
Director of Operations

Mary Morgan
Compliance and Risk Management

Ken Anderson
Dispatch Manager

For questions or concerns regarding Shaver company operations, please contact Jon Hellberg.