Shaver’s reputation for safety and reliability is unmatched. Whether you need assistance with a dead or disabled vessel off the Oregon Coast or in the Columbia or Willamette River, our fleet is specially designed, and our crews are highly trained to respond to any vessel emergency.

Shaver’s equipment and capabilities include:

  • Rapid response time – our response tugs are crewed and ready to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can be at the mouth of the Columbia River just hours after receiving the call. Our highly trained dispatchers will answer the call and assist in your emergency response needs.
  • Offshore rescue towing with Emergency Vessel Attachment and Towing System (EVAT) for establishing a tow connection at sea.
  • Firefighting capabilities for shipboard or shoreside fire emergencies.
  • The ability to make up to the stern of a disabled or dead ship in sheltered waters.

Please see our Terms and Conditions applicable to ship assist, escort towing and general towing. For a current Rate Schedule, contact Bo McCall at (503) 228-8850. Email: