Shaver’s Samantha S a tug for all seasons

The Columbia River has presented a challenge to towing companies like Shaver Transportation since the pioneer days in the late 1800’s when steam-powered sternwheelers had to handle all types of work, from towing and docking sailing ships to moving wooden barges loaded with wheat and lumber. By the 1960’s, the Snake/Columbia Navigation System had opened … Continued

Sub M, a growing vessel safety and safe operations program

July 20, 2018 was a critical date for tow boat operators. That was the deadline for all U.S.-flag towing vessels – over 26 feet, or less if used to assist with transport of oil or hazardous materials – to be in compliance with Subchapter M, the U.S. Coast Guard’s towing vessel safety regulations. It’s been … Continued

Oregon tug gets Coast Guard-option Subchapter M certificate

Shaver Transportation Co., Portland, Ore., submitted its 77’x36’x14’, 5,360-hp ship assist tug Sommer S for Coast Guard certification under the new towing vessel safety rules, which went into full effect Friday. It is one of the first COIs issued by a Coast Guard inspection team. Since the spring, most COIs issued under the regulations have come through the … Continued

Compact Shaver z-drive long on power, versatility

Capt. Gary Setvin, at the helm of the 80-foot z-drive tug Sommer S., likes that the boat is compact. He applauds the maneuverability, the power and the comfort of the vessel, “but its greatest feature is that it is short and you can apply power in tight spaces.” Sommer S., built at Diversified Marine in … Continued

Shaver Transportation: From Sternwheels to Stern Drives on the Columbia River

SHAVER TRANSPORTATION of Portland, Oregon has been a fixture on the Columbia River since 1880 when George Washington Shaver progressed from supplying wood to fuel steamboats to operating his first sternwheeler. On the Manzanillo, he began hauling freight to the downriver communities as far as Clatskanie, Oregon. By 1893, Shaver and his two sons James … Continued

Shaver Transportation: Rich past and innovative present on the Columbia

The history of Shaver Transportation has been bound to the growth of Portland, Ore., and navigation on the Columbia River system since 1880 when George W. Shaver founded the company. It is still a family company, with Harry Shaver as chairman of the board and his son Steve Shaver as president. The company offices are … Continued