Inland grain and bulk commodity transportation are a core business for Shaver Transportation. Shaver’s barges have a combined capacity of almost 69,800 short tons and our tugs are capable of moving any freight by barge on the Columbia Snake River System.

Our barges are specially designed to transport grain and bulk commodities such as wheat, barley, soybeans, corn, canola and rapeseed. Our fleet of twenty-two barges includes six 298-foot long self-unloading “Magnums”. At 4,000 short tons each, these Magnums have the greatest capacity on the Columbia Snake River System. With highly automated cargo systems and weight-saving features, we are capable of discharging an entire barge in under 6 hours.

To move your cargo efficiently and safely, we have a fleet of high-quality specialized push-knee tugs, including the 3,540 horsepower tractor tugs DESCHUTES, and WILLAMETTE. We have repowered the CASCADES and CLEARWATER, and upgraded the LINCOLN and the RANDY S. Shaver continues to upgrade its grain transport fleet with the latest T3 technology. Our push-knee tugs are some of the cleanest, most reliable and fuel-efficient tugs in the industry.

Please see our 2023 Grain Tariff for rates and terms, or contact Phil Trochim at (503) 228-8850, toll free (888) 228-8850. email: